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Alliance & Leicester is a British bank owned by the Santander Group, one of the world's largest banking groups.

Alliance & Leicester was formed in 1985 through the merger of the Leicester Building Society and the Alliance Building Society, then it went on to become a bank in 1997 when it was floated on the London Stock Exchange.

In October 2008 Alliance & Leicester was acquired by the Spanish firm Banco Santander for around £1.26 billion.

Its headquarters are located in Leicestershire, England. The group also has presence in Ashford, Bootle, Leeds, Manchester, Wigan and Belfast, with all of its contact centres based in the United Kingdom.

The Banks main retail business is in the UK include Alliance & Leicester savings accounts, mortgages, current accounts and personal loans. They also offer insurance, life assurance, unit trusts, personal current accounts and credit cards, asset financing and commercial lending.
Alliance & Leicester offer a range of credit cards to suit every credit need. Whether you're looking for a card to manage your current debt allowing you to make manageable monthly payments while freezing the interest you currently pay, or you simply require a credit card for convenience, while accumulating rewards for your every-day spending, Alliance  Leicester credit cards have the perfect solution for you.
Alliance & Leicester business credit cards provide all types of businesses with a trouble free method for spreading the cost of business expenses over multiple cards available to staff.

Business credit cards offer a convenient and effective solution to petty cash, allowing business employees to have access to funds to pay for things like hotels, travel and general business expenses, without having to use their own cash then make a claim against the transaction.
Alliance & Leicester bank accounts offer a variety of flexible current account options, each designed to suit a range of individual needs. All Alliance  Leicester bank accounts provide competitive interest rates on balances, as well as a number of features and benefits depending on your banking needs, so you can be sure to stay on top of the best deals on the market and make use of a great account.
Alliance & Leicester offer a range of savings accounts designed to suit all savers. Often boasting market leading deals, Alliance & Leicester savings accounts provide customers with a number of features and benefits including high interest rates on balances from as little as just £1 and anything up to £2million, allowing you to get the most from your savings account.

Alliance & Leicester ISAs offer very competitive interest rates on balances up to £5,640 per tax year, including any ISA funds saved from previous years, so you can transfer your current ISA and start benefitting from an Alliance  Leicester ISA today. This account allows you to make monthly deposits, or make one-off payments as you please, subject to ISA limits, so you can be flexible with your savings whle earning tax free interest to help your savings grow.

Alliance & Leicester Fixed Rate Bonds come with a choice of terms and interest rates, allowing you to make the right decision for your savings based on your financial needs.

You can invest a lump sum when opening your account of between £1 and £2 million and calculate exactly what returns you will earn for your investment, allowing you to sit back and watch your savings grow.
Alliance & Leicester business accounts offer a variety of award winning current accounts, each offering a range of benefits to suit businesses both big and small.

All Alliance & Leicester business current accounts provide customers with free and unlimited day-to-day banking as well as online, mobile and phone banking or at any Post Office branch, giving you the perfect banking solution for your business.
The Alliance & Leicester Business Savings Account offers an interest rate that is nearly double the figure offered by some of the other big banks. With instant access to your deposits you can have peace of mind in knowing you can always access your funds and this business savings account is linked to the Bank of England base rate so your surplus funds will always be working hard for you, allowing you to focus on running your business without having to constantly compare the market for the best deals.
Alliance & Leicester offer great loans, so whether you are looking to take one out to purchase a new car or just treat yourself, Alliance & Leicester could save you over £400 when comparing against other loans on the market.

Personal loans ranging between £7,500 and £20,000 are available to both new and existing customers with optional personal loan protection insurance offered covering you if you are unable to make repayments due to accident or unemployment.

The online loans application process is easy to use, fast and secure with the average application taking only ten minutes to complete with a decision made within approximately 24 hours.