Anglo Irish Finance Products

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Anglo Irish Bank is Ireland’s third-largest lender and has a range of financial products available across the UK and internationally. Anglo Irish was founded in 1964 and became a publicly quoted company in 1971. The bank is now on the Dublin and London stock exchanges.
The bank is owned by the Irish government after recent nationalisation which means it covers all deposits until September 2010 with no limits on how much is protected. After this date it is likely to return to the old scheme in which €100,000 or equivalent currency will be protected by the Irish Deposit Protection Scheme.By law, banks offering more than the level of compensation offered in the UK in their state of incorporation do not have to become/remain a member of the UK's FSCS. Anglo Irish Bank terminated its membership with the UK Scheme on 28 November 2008.

Anglo Irish currently offer a range of personal savings, business banking, Wealth management and treasury products and services. All Anglo Irish customers are assigned with a relationship manager and a product specialist allowing them to maintain direct communication with dedicated staff.
Anglo Irish Savings Accounts provide a great option for your savings with no catches and no penalties or restriction on withdrawals. You are given peace of mind from the beginning through dealing with a well established UK savings provider offering competitive interest rates helping you to get the best returns.

You have worked hard for your money, so now its time you let your money work hard for you in a great account that's easy to open and simple to operate.

Anglo Irish Savings Accounts won Moneyfacts Best Notice Account 2008, 2007 and 2006, plus the  Moneyfacts Best No Notice Account 2008 and 2007.
Anglo Irish fixed rate bonds provide customers with a fixed interest rate throughout the life of the account, allowing it to provide a guaranteed return that can be calculated based on the current rate and specified term of the bond.

Fixed rate bonds can be an extremely profitable saving option, as if an account is opened before an expected fall in rates, the interest rate on the account will stay the same, as it is fixed for the agreed term. This means that if the Bank of England Base rate was to fall from 5.5% to below 2% as it did in 2008/09, the rate agreed upon opening the account would not fall, even if the rates were passed on by banks.

The interest earned is calculated on a daily basis and is added to the account a year to the day of opening the account and every year thereafter until the term ends, unless the term is less that one year, or otherwise specified.

Before opening a fixed term account, you must be sure you can afford to lock your money away for the period you agree on. Early withdrawals on fixed rate bonds lasting one year or more only permit customers to withdraw any funds in an emergency and are subject to interest penalties.