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Aqua is a credit cards company that specialises in bad credit. Its service is attractive and extremely useful to many individuals who have been refused credit cards in the past due to a number of reasons.

Aqua credit cards can help you to re-build your credit history whilst having access to most normal features offered by normal credit cards.

As Aqua customers tend to have a damaged credit history, interest rates on Aqua credit cards are significantly higher than those usually offered on standard credit cards. As long as you pay off the full balance on your card within the payment dates, you won't have to worry about the high rate, as it will never be charged against your balance.

The aqua card was launched in 2002, and since then has taken on more than 150,000 customers. The aqua card is underwritten and managed by SAV Credit Ltd and issued by Bank of Scotland plc.
Aqua credit cards have been uniquely designed for people that have been refused credit cards in the past for a number of reasons. These reason can vary greatly, as shown below:
  • self employed and cannot prove a regular income
  • a home-maker or full-time carer
  • a part-time worker or earning a low income
  • unemployed
  • at a new address or not on the electoral roll
  • new to credit. with no credit history
  • a student
  • recently moved to the UK
  • have a bad credit history
As a specialist lender, Aqua will consider your application no-matter what your financial situation may be, helping you to prove yourself and build a new credit history.

Aqua credit cards still come with some great benefits, which includes a MasterCard with no annual fee, credit limits of up to £2,200, up to 51 interest free days credit on purchases and pay no interest if you pay your balance off in full every month.