Barclays ISAs allow you to benefit from tax free savings and investments, which means you don't have to pay tax on the interest earned from your ISA.

Everyone is entitled invest up to £11,280 into ISAs each year, with a maximum of £5,640 into a cash ISA, £11,280 into an investment ISA, or a combination of the two. This provides a great incentive to save, as your money will grow faster than if it was put in a regular savings account paying the same interest rate, or normal stocks and shares without tax redemption.

Most ISAs provide payment options to suit different types of saver, whether they wish to deposit a one off annual lump sum, or if they would be more suited to regular payments throughout the course of the year.

Barclays Wealth ISAs provide a great place to make use of your tax free allowance on stocks and shares, allowing you to earn tax free returns based on the outcome of the investment. These can be far higher than the returns gained from cash ISAs, but they do carry more risk.