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The Birmingham Midshires was formed in 1986 by the merger of the Birmingham and Bridgewater and the Midshires Building Societies.

Birmingham Midshires is a commercial bank in the UK, a division of Bank of Scotland plc (HBOS). In January 2009, HBOS and Lloyds TSB joined together to become Lloyds Banking Group.
Although HBOS is now part of the Lloyds Banking Group, the core brands within HBOS still act as a separate institution in terms of compensation available through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, therefore covering up to £50,000 between the constituent parts of HBOS (Halifax, B'ham Midshires, Intelligent Finance, The AA & more), and a further £50,000 between Lloyds and Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Birmingham Midshires offers a range of highly competitive mortgage and savings products. In April 1999 it became part of the HBOS Group, bringing savings balances of £5.9 billion and mortgage assets of £9.2 billion. Birmingham Midshires savings balances recently doubled, and its mortgage assets reached £32 billion.

The merger between the two groups has now created the largest retail bank in the UK with a number of leading market positions.
Birmingham Midshires offer award winning savings accounts allowing you to invest from as little as £1 up to £5 million. With 24 hour access to your account, Birmingham Midshires allow you to make unlimited withdrawals without losing out on interest.

Interest rates for savings accounts can vary, so before making a decision consider comparing Birmingham Midshires savings accounts with other leading providers. Which4U's savings account comparison table allows you to compare rates helping you to find the best deals.

Birmingham Midshires offers a range of ISA's to suit all your saving needs. As with all cash ISA's, you can only invest a maximum of £5,640 per tax year. However, you can increase the rate paid on your balance by opting to lock your money away at a fixed rate. This is one option offered by Birmingham Midshires, so it is well worth considering as it protects you against fluctuations in interest rates for the full term of your investment.

Birmingham Midshires ISA's also offer high interest rates on standard accounts, allowing you to earn great returns tax free, with no risks involved. Standard ISA Interest is calculated daily and credited annually on the anniversary of your first deposit and You will receive a statement annually allowing you to keep track of your account.  

You can transfer Cash ISA investments from the current and previous tax years into the Fixed Rate ISA.

Birmingham Midshires offer a range of fixed rate bonds designed to give you an exact return on your investment based on the rate of interest fixed to your account. Birmingham Midshires fixed rate bonds provide several term to choose from, each carrying a fixed rate, allowing you to make a choice that suits your saving needs.

You can invest from £1 to £10 million, but before making any big deposits, make sure you fully understand the compensation scheme offered, as investing anything over the compensation limit could potentially put you at risk.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme protect all Birmingham Midshires customers for up to £85,000 between accounts. To find out which banks fall under the same institution, see our Top Ten Savings Tips.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and can decide whether you would prefer the interest to be paid monthly, or when the bond matures. You must be sure that you are in a position to lock your savings away before opening a fixed term bond.