Bupa Health insurance

Compare a range of Bupa health insurance plans to find the one that's right for you, or personalise your own Bupa health insurance plan which is unique to you.

Bupa was founded in 1947 and had exceeded 200,000 members by 1955, it is now a leading healthcare provider. They offer personal and company health care, as well as run care homes and hospitals.


They also provide workplace health services and home healthcare services. Bupa does not have any shareholders so there profits go towards providing a better healthcare service, because Bupa are committed to providing excellent patient orientated, affordable health care plans.

Bupa offer a range of health insurance plans from personal to business cover. Whether you are looking for comprehensive cover, prompt diagnosis or just treatment and care there are specialised options already created for you. You can also take one of these pre-made Bupa sections and adopt it as you like from a range of options like travel, dental, optical and Complementary Therapies cover.

What does Bupa health insurance offer?

  • No financial limits
  • Any time telephone consultations with trained GP's and nurses
  • Wide range of health options
  • Ability to customise health plan to maximise cover to cost.
  • Choose from personal or business cover
  • Extensive private cancer cover offered to all members