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Cashplus was established in 2004, headquarters in London. Operates throughout the UK and Romania and provides a prepaid solution to the national post office. Cashplus is the first general purpose prepaid card order to launch in the UK and a principle member of MasterCard, therefore approved by one of the world’s leading payment transaction companies. Core Directors offer over 100 years of combined UK and European card experience, gained at some of the world’s largest card companies. Over 1 million Cashplus cards issued, more that £850 million in payment proceeds and APS is the most awarded prepaid card issuer in Europe.

Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account is an extraordinary blend of the best features of a bank account and a MasterCard card. In many cases it is the only card people need. There are no credit checks; therefore you are guaranteed to get this card. At your pleasure top it up with cash and withdraw money for free across the UK at cash machines displaying the MasterCard Acceptance mark. This is a secure way to receive internet bargains as you will be using a MasterCard card.

The Deluxe account comes with real Cashback rewards on everything you spend. You will receive 1% of the first £1000 spent on the card, which is £10 back for buying everyday goods. You will then receive 0.5% back on all further spending.

Includes online banking, payments and transfers are free. Cashplus will help you sort out everything from one-off payments to regular standing orders, covering mortgages or rent, to gas and electricity bills and many more. It is also free to load your wages.

Holding a Cashplus Gold MasterCard Deluxe account can help improve your credit rating by adding the Creditbuilder feature. Cashplus can help you create or repair your credit rating at no extra costs. This could make it easier for you to receive credit in the future as well as save money through receiving offers of lower interest rates.