CashPlus Bank Accounts Review

Cashplus Deluxe account - read our review and compare the features and benefits available from Cashplus. Make an informed decision to find a Bank Account that suits you.

Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Deluxe account is an extraordinary blend of the best features of a bank account and a MasterCard card. In many cases it is the only card people need. There are no credit checks; therefore you are guaranteed to get this card. At your pleasure top it up with cash and withdraw money for free across the UK at cash machines displaying the MasterCard Acceptance mark. This is a secure way to receive internet bargains as you will be using a MasterCard card.

The Deluxe account comes with real Cashback rewards on everything you spend. You will receive 1% of the first £1000 spent on the card, which is £10 back for buying everyday goods. You will then receive 0.5% back on all further spending.

Includes online banking, payments and transfers are free. Cashplus will help you sort out everything from one-off payments to regular standing orders, covering mortgages or rent, to gas and electricity bills and many more. It is also free to load your wages.

Holding a Cashplus Gold MasterCard Deluxe account can help improve your credit rating by adding the Creditbuilder feature. Cashplus can help you create or repair your credit rating at no extra costs. This could make it easier for you to receive credit in the future as well as save money through receiving offers of lower interest rates.

Cashplus Deluxe Current Account


Interest Rate:
0% AER
Minimum Balance:
Monthly Fee:

Account Description

  • Cashplus offers the following:
  • Instant Approval 100% Guaranteed (subject to Terms and Conditions)
  • Add Creditbuilder at no extra cost
  • Online banking - set up standing orders and Direct Debits for free
  • Free UK ATM withdrawals
  • Free to load your wages
  • Earn cashback for online shopping
  • Gold Prepaid MasterCard with unique Account Number and Sort Code
  • No credit checks to apply
  • No links to your bank account
  • No tie-ins
  • Up to £250 Overdraft available (subject to approval)
  • You must be 18+ and UK resident
  • £9.95 monthly management fee

Representative Example

Representative example: Amount lent by APS: £59.40 for 12 months, 0% interest. Total amount payable: £59.40. Representative 0% APR.

Cashplus Business Current Account


Interest Rate:
Minimum Balance:

Account Description

  • Instant online application process
  • No paper forms or interview required
  • No credit check required to open an account
  • The low cost alternative to High Street Banks:
  • - Free to load up to £1,000 per month at the Post Office, a 0.25% fee will apply on loads over £1,000 per calendar month (At other retail outlets this will also have a £3 fee that will apply)
  • - Free to set up Direct Debits
  • - Free inbound bank transfers
  • - 3 Free outbound bank transfers per month - £0.99 per transfer thereafter
  • Comes with MasterCard Debit Card – no card transaction charges
  • Fees: £69 per year & £2 per ATM withdrawal
  • No hidden fees
  • No introductory free period – just constantly low pricing
  • Additional card & replacement up to £5.95
  • Direct Debit Rejected payment fee up to £15.00 (capped at £60.00 per month)