Caxton FX Financial Products

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Caxton FX are a foreign exchange company that sets itself apart by offering excellent value for money and great customer service.

Caxton FX believe in giving unbiased guidance to every client - helping them get the best value from their exchange. Unlike some of their competitors, none of their sales staff are paid commission. Caxton FX believe that this ensures the customer is served correctly - and that they receive excellent value on each and every transaction.

The company was established in 2001 as an FX broker, offering better exchange rates for large transactions than many leading banks. It now exchanges millions every day.

Caxton FX credit cards have been designed to suit a range of different users, so whether you're looking for a card to use in Europe, America or globally, there's a product to match.


Caxton FX provide free travel cards designed for travellers and overseas spending. Caxton's cards are prepaid MasterCards that work just like a debit card. You can load them online, over the phone or by SMS. They are completely free to use in shops, restaurants and other retail outlets outside the UK and provide a safe and convenient way to spend money abroad with guarenteed exchange rates and latest security fatures such as Chip & PIN.

Caxtonfx provide a UK helpdesk and 24-hour online account management. There's no paperwork and it takes minutes to complete the online application.