Co-operative Financial Products

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The Co-operative Group has history dating back over 140 years and got where it is today through a string of mergers of many independent retail societies. Today, the Co-operative group (known as the Co-op in the UK) is one of the world's biggest consumer-owned businesses, with its three million and counting members and 85,000 employees across its businesses, which include food, travel, pharmacy, legal services, funeralcare and financial services.

The Co-operative Financial Services is wholly owned by the Co-operative Group, now comprising of the Co-operative Bank, which includes the award winning Smile internet bank and the Co-operative Insurance Society, currently providing services to over 4 and a half million customers.
Co-op credit cards offer a full range of great features and benefits, so whether you're looking for 0% introductory rates on balance transfers and purchases, Charitable donations, Cashback rewards or  Fixed rates Co-op have a credit cards to match.

All Co-op credit cards come fee free and an online banking service that allows you to manage your account at a time and place that's convenient for you

Co-op credit cards are provided by the Co-operative Financial Services, which is part of The Co-operative Group, the UK's largest consumer co-operative.
The Co-operative offer a great range of current accounts, each providing a variety of features designed to enhance your day-to-day spending experiences.

Current accounts are there to give you flexibility and freedom with your money, so the co-op provide just that, with features spread across its accounts including interest free overdrafts of up to £300, no monthly fees, worldwide travel insurance, 24/7 access to your account and the ability to link to your co-op savings account.

Whichever current account you decide on, switching to The Co-operative Bank is made easy and the co-op is the only UK high street bank that operates a customer-led Ethical Policy.
financial services provider, The Co-operative (Co-op), offer a range of current accounts to help its customers manage their money whilst keeping things simple and providing flexibility. All Co-op current accounts offer 24/7 access either online via its internet banking service, or over the phone using one of its UK based call centres.

The Co-op current accounts differ from your average account, offering a range of benefits which include break-down assistance and worldwide travel insurance, in exchange for lower interest rates.

Lets face it, a current account will never be a savings account, so why bother using it as one. This way you can benefit from free services, and open a separate savings account if you require one.

The Co-op ISA is a great place for you to kick-start your savings and benefit from your tax free allowance. Alternatively you can transfer your existing ISA to a co-op account and enjoy flexibility and great interest rates.

You can begin saving in a Co-operative ISA from as little as £1 and like every UK Cash ISA the maximum deposit within any one tax year is £5,640. As well as your savings being free of both Income and Capital Gains Tax, the Co-op cash ISA is also risk free, giving you peace of mind in knowing your savings are in a safe place.

The Co-op is the only high street bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy. This means that the money you invest will not be used to fund any unethical projects.

Co-op ISAs give you the freedom to access your funds at any time. You can handle your money online, over the phone, cheque by telephone banking or over the counter. Money can be deposited into your account by standing order, via a direct transfer from another Co-operative Bank account or another bank account, at any Co-operative Bank branch, by sending a cheque through the post or by cheque at any Post Office branch.

The Co-op Fixed Rate Bonds are a great way to make your money go far, with no risk involved and guaranteed returns, so you can sit back and let your money work for you, after-all you have worked hard for your money.

Invest a lump sum of between £2,000 and £2 million with terms of either 1, 2 or 3 years. Your rate will then be fixed for the duration of the account, so if the bank rates were to fall, your rate will stay the same.

With Co-op fixed rate bonds you have the option to have your interest paid on maturity, or monthly into another bank account. You can calculate exactly how much you will earn for your investment, therefore you can get a regular predictable income.
The co-op business current accounts offer a whole range of features and benefits, designed to help you to manage your business finances, or even provide support in helping your business to develop.

Whether you're looking for a simple ever-day banking solution with long free introductory periods and some great offers, or you would prefer an account that comes with a dedicated telephone-based Relationship Management team to advise you with a whole range of different issues, including new ventures, banking products and loans available to you, providing you with support to help your business develop; co-op business current accounts are well worth considering.

All co-op business accounts provide 24/7 access via its internet banking service UK based call centres, and offer a five star service promise.
The Co-operative Bank has a range of business savings accounts designed to make a difference, helping you to earn interest on your surplus funds.

The Co-op run an ethical policy based on what its customers want, and will never invest in organisations deemed as 'unethical'.

Co-op business savings accounts provide several options and features to help you to find an account that is right for your business. Whether your business has a turnover of over £1 million,  you're looking to make regular deposits and earn tiered levels of interest on your savings, or you want to save a large amount with guaranteed returns carrying no risks.

The Co-op offer several deposit accounts to suit a variety of business needs, and you can start saving with as little as £1.

Award winning cover from the Co-operative.

In 2010, the Co-operative were awarded 'Best Online Motor Insurance Provider' by Your Magazine. This has added to their awards for both 'Car Insurance Customer Satisfaction' and 'Car Insurance Cover' from Intelligent Choice.

With such a gleaming record, the Co-operative do not disappoint on performance, offering two seperate but equally impressive insurance policies.

Their main policy offers savings of almost £100 and a guarenteed courtesy car as standard. This coupled with amazing discounts for both online applications and up to 70% No Claims Discount.

Their specialist policy is aimed at young drivers between the ages of 17 - 24. It uses an ingenius pay-as-you-drive box to measure how well you are driving. This in turn affects how much you pay on your insurance. The safer you are as a driver, the more you are able to take off your premium every 3 months.

Whichever policy you go for, you will get a high standard of service and a policy that will be hard to beat.
Co-op home insurance offers quality cover for a great price, saving as much as £136 by moving from your current home insurance provider - based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence between 1 April and 30 April 2010.

With the Co-operative home insurance you can save a third off your contents premium when you combine buildings and contents insurance, plus an additional 15% when purchasing your policy online.

The Co-operative pet insurance provides cover for your pets at a low cost that is affordable for anyone.

With cats covered from under £5 and dogs from under £9, you don't have to worry about monthly payments being too much. And for that small amount, you are buying peace of mind that should your pets need medical attention they will be covered.

With The Co-operative pet insurance, you can rest assured that no matter when your pet falls ill your vet bills will be payed and your pet given the best treatment possible.