Devitt Insurance

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Devitt motorcycle insurance have been providing its services to UK motorcyclists since 1936 after introducing the innovative idea of offering insurance to bikers from local motorcycle dealers. This scheme proved to be a success, and continues to run today, helping thousands of riders take to the road.

The company was first established in 1836 when Thomas Henry Devitt released the name in the shipping industry and founded the famous Orient Line.

Following its success, subsequent generations of the family moved into Marine Insurance, which was later followed by the Devitt name becoming a leading motorcycle Insurance Broker in 1936.

This was the first of its kind in terms of dealers offering insurance known as Devitt DA (DA stood for Dealer Association) which allowed customers to purchase a motorcycle and ride off the same day with the peace of mind that they were fully insured.

Since then, Devitt has continued to move forward, and with the coming of the internet has moved online, offering great services to bikers without them having to leave their homes.

In 1993, Devitt launched its direct operation, enabling customers to purchase insurance over the phone.

In 2003, Devitt was bought by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group and now looks after the insurance interests of over 115,000 customers.

Devitt is now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, operating under the Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance division, offering a range of insurance policies including bike insurance, car insurance, home insurance & business insurance.