Direct Line Insurance

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Direct Line is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, operating under the Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance division. It specialises in providing a range of insurance products, as well as several other financial services.

Direct Line was founded by Peter Wood in 1985 and was the first company in the UK to offer insurance over the telephone. Following its early success it became the UK's largest provider of motor vehicle insurance.

Its head office is located in Croydon, England, but the company also has offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow, Scotland.  

Direct Line is traditionally known in the UK for its distinctive logo, a red telephone on wheels, which has been used for many years in advertising campaigns, although recently it has been accompanied with a computer mouse on wheels to reflect the recent alternative - applying  online.

The Direct Line insurance products include Travel Insurance, Business Insurance, Pet Insurance, Breakdown Cover, European Breakdown, Van Insurance, Home Emergency, Critical Illness Cover, Buy to Let Insurance, Loans and Mortgages, as well as a range of financial products under Direct Line Financial Services (DLFS).

Direct Line offers a comprehensive insurance package covering risks such as fire, theft, malicious damage and public liabilities amongst others. Direct Line's Commercial Property Insurance covers against each of these risks as part of its standard cover and then allows the policyholder to tailor it to their individual needs by adding optional extras or increasing cover levels.

Direct Line car insurance has been offering its customers good quality cover for a great price since 1985.

Direct Line boasts a number of features, for example if you have named drivers on your Direct Line car insurance policy, you will be glad to hear that they have become the first major insurance company in the UK to offer Named Driver No Claims Discounts.

Direct Line van insurance offers van drivers a specialist insurance policy to meet the requirements of all types of van users.

With Direct Line van cover you can benefit from a range of features, including  Replacement hire van available for up to 21 days following an accident or claim, and you won't be charged any extra for business use if you are the only driver (terms and conditions apply).
Direct Line Home Insurance offer a full range of insurance policies to suit your individual needs.

With Direct Line home insurance you can benefit from several features to ensure that your possessions are covered, from peace of mind when moving house, covering your contents whilst in transit, when you use professional removers; to alternative accommodation if your home is made uninhabitable by an insured event.
Many of us have pets that we grow to love, becoming part of the family. But if your pet gets ill, you may be left to make a decision as to whether or not you can afford to pay out for drugs or treatment carried out by a vet.

With Direct Line pet insurance you can cover your pet to ensure that you're not left with large vet bills should your pet require treatment.
If you insure more than one pet with Direct Line you can qualify for some impressive discounts, plus there are further discounts to be had when purchasing your policy online.

Direct Line pet insurance also comes with some useful features to ensure the best for your pets, such as boarding costs if you are hospitalised, plus your pet is covered per condition, so there's no restriction on the number of times you can claim.