Egg Fixed Rate Bonds Review

Compare Egg Fixed Rate Bonds – read our review and get a detailed breakdown of the terms and rates Egg offer. Make an informed decision and find a Fixed Rate Bond to suit your savings needs.

The Egg Fixed Rate Bond offers a chance to get a great interest rate with a guaranteed rate of return. Opening an Egg fixed rate bond is easy and requires just £1,000 to get you started, up to a maximum of £2 million.

To qualify for an Egg bond, you need to be an existing Egg customer, but don't panic if this isn't the case, as you can open an Egg Savings Account with as little as £1.

When opening an Egg fixed rate bond your initial deposit is the amount that sticks, so you can't make additional deposits throughout the term.

Early withdrawals are not permitted during the term, however you can close your account early, but this will result in a charge.

Egg Banking plc is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so any deposits up to £85,000 will be 100% protected. If you wish to stick to this limit, always remember to calculate how much interest you will earn and deduct this from the £85,000 limit, as this interest earned of your balance would push you over the limit and you could risk losing out.

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