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Halifax is one of the trading names of the Bank of Scotland plc. It is a commercial bank in the United Kingdom; a significant division within the HBOS Group, which was acquired by Lloyds TSB Group plc in January 2009.

Halifax carrys a range of well established brands built from its history of powerful presence in the financial market.  Before 1997 it was know as the Halifax Building Society and was the largest building society in the UK.

Halifax is currently the leading provider of residential mortgages and saving accounts in the UK. Its name comes from the town of Halifax in Yorkshire in which its headquarters are located.

Halifax offers a wide range of both personal and business financial services. These include Halifax savings accounts, mortgages, bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and insurance.
Halifax is one of the few credit card providers that offer low introductory rates on both balance transfers and purchases for considerable periods. This allows customers to stick to a single credit card that can cater for all of their needs.

Halifax also offer a student credit card. The rates on this card may not seem as attractive as other Halifax credit cards, but this is due to the lack of credit history the average student has, together with low or no income.
Halifax provides an impressive range of current accounts, offering a number of features and benefits making your everyday banking experiences more satisfying and rewarding.

Each account has been designed to corner a specific section of the banking market, so you can browse these great accounts to find your match. Whether your looking to benefit from exclusive services such as Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family, breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, card protection home emergency cover and more, Halifax current accounts have something for you.

All Halifax bank accounts come with a Visa debit card, making payments easy and making sure you're never far from your money. You can manage your Halifax current account online or by telephone 24/7, allowing you to carry out a number of banking tasks, from checking recent transactions to transferring money to an external account.

The Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account (URCA) product has been awarded a Defaqto 5* award for the Mobile Phone Insurance aspect of its reward offering.

Defaqto are completely independent, ensuring an unbiased product view, making this a great result for Halifax.

Halifax offers a wide range of savings accounts, covering a variety of features and benefits to allow any type of saver to find a suitable account that will work to their individual needs.

Whether you're looking to open an instant access savings account offering great rates giving you the freedom and flexibility to withdraw and deposit your funds without limitations; or you would rather put your money away and leave it to grow, earning a higher rate for fewer withdrawals, Halifax savings accounts have a great account to suit you.

Opening a Halifax Savings Account is easy, and you can get started from just £1, with no maximum balance. The Halifax online banking service allows you to manage your savings 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No one helps more people grow their savings than Halifax.

Halifax offers market leading Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) with interest rates well above the Bank of England Base rate. Club this together with the fact that your interest is tax-free, and you will see why ISA's are the first place to go when looking for a savings account.

You can open a Halifax ISA with as little as £1, and can invest up to the maximum annual cash ISA limit of £5,640 per tax year. You can access your cash if required, but it is recommended that you leave it to grow, as you cannot replace your withdrawals back into your account without using more of your allowance  up.

With Halifax fixed rate bonds, you can manage your savings 24 hours a day using the online service, or by phone.

Halifax fixed rate bonds offer savers an alternative to instant access savings accounts by fixed the interest rate paid on balances over an agreed term, providing a predictable income whilst encouraging you to leave your money to grow.

By fixing the rate you can protect your investment from lowering rates reflected by cuts made to the Bank of England Base rate. This effectively means that you could be earning well above any rates paid to new customers throughout the life of your bond.

Halifax offer a range of bonds designed to suit all types of savers, with terms lasting from 3 months to 5 years, and initial deposits accepted from £500 to £9 million per account.

With Halifax fixed term bonds you can manage your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week with Halifax's online banking facilities.

Before opening a fixed rate bond it is important to be sure that you are in a good enough financial position to lock your money away for a chosen period of time. You have to remember that Halifax does not allow early withdrawals or additional deposits after opening an account.
Halifax Business Banking is operated by Bank of Scotland and both are part of Lloyds Banking Group plc. offering a comprehensive range of business banking products to help you manage your business finances effectively.

If your business turns over less than £1 million per year, Lloyds Group has some great business banking products for you. If this figure is more than £1 million, the corporate banking division also provides some great products and services to suit your business needs.

The Business Current Accounts offered can be managed over the phone, online or through your local branch providing an effective solution to managing your day-to-day spending.
Halifax offers a range of business banking and savings products through Bank of Scotland, designed to work with your business to help you manage your accounts effectively, allowing you to make the most of your surplus funds efficiently.

Switch to Bank of Scotland Business Banking instant access savings account and get the flexibility you need to use or move your funds whenever required, allowing you to convert your surplus funds into extra income for your business. Halifax business savings accounts come with competitive interest rates and instant access to your funds without incurring any penalties.

You can start saving with a Halifax business savings account with a minimum deposit of just £1, so get started today and see how much of a difference Halifax can make on your business.

Alternatively you may wish to earn more interest on your balance by locking your funds away for a period of time in a fixed rate bond, allowing you to generate a regular guaranteed income from your surplus funds.

Both the interest rate and the term are fixed on this account, so the rates paid on your account will not be affected by changes to the base rate. As the term is fixed, you cannot withdraw your funds until the term expires. Early withdrawals will incur a penalty.

Rewarding home insurance, built with you in mind.

You know how important protecting your home is - so why not choose Halifax new Home Options Insurance, underwritten by a panel of leading insurers?

Buy combined buildings and contents cover and get these fantastic rewards, not available in any branch.

  • £50 cashback reward
  • No interest for paying monthly
  • A fantastic deal from their panel of leading insurers
  • UK based advisers
If you’re a frequent traveller, annual travel insurance should be the first thing on your itinerary. Halifax annual travel insurance allows you to save time and money, by simply purchasing one insurance policy rather than several separate policies.

Each trip is covered for up to 60 days, and it even covers trips in the UK as long as they last three days or more and include pre-booked accommodation.

Halifax Annual Travel Insurance covers you from the moment you book your trip to the moment you return home, protecting you against cancellations, medical expenses and hospital cover, delayed connections, loss of documents and more.

At Halifax, they know how important companionship with your pets are. So when creating their policy, they kept that in mind and tried to offer the customer more than just an insurance deal. They offer peace of mind for you and your pets.

With vet bills covered upto a massive £6,000 you and your pet need not worry about finding money if they suddenly fall ill or are in an accident. And with insurance starting at only £4.45 for cats, and £6.60 for dogs, it is a very competitive policy.

Plus, get a 5% discount when you apply online.

Halifax Pet Insurance is underwritten by Agria International Försäkring AB