Halifax Savings Accounts Review

Compare Halifax Savings Accounts – read our review and compare the features and benefits available from Halifax. Make an informed decision to find a Savings Account that suits you.

Halifax offers a wide range of savings accounts, covering a variety of features and benefits to allow any type of saver to find a suitable account that will work to their individual needs.

Whether you're looking to open an instant access savings account offering great rates giving you the freedom and flexibility to withdraw and deposit your funds without limitations; or you would rather put your money away and leave it to grow, earning a higher rate for fewer withdrawals, Halifax savings accounts have a great account to suit you.

Opening a Halifax Savings Account is easy, and you can get started from just £1, with no maximum balance. The Halifax online banking service allows you to manage your savings 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No one helps more people grow their savings than Halifax.

Top 5 Savings Accounts products

Interest Paid
Min Bal
Fixed term for 1 year
On Maturity

Scottish Widows Direct Transfer Account

Scottish Widows
  • Minimum balance £1000
  • Deposits can be made by internet banking, telephone or post
  • No notice period or penalties for withdrawals
  • YOUR SAVINGS ARE PROTECTED UP TO £75,000 PER PERSON BY THE FSCS - Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Bank of Cyprus UK 1 Year Bond

Bank of Cyprus UK
  • Interest is paid annually
  • Early withdrawals not permitted
  • Available to individuals (single and joint applicants)
  • Conditions are available here
  • Available in Sterling only.