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Types of Insurance


Car insurance

When it comes to car insurance, it is very important to make sure that you have the right cover and that it is always up to date.

Since June 2011, it has been a criminal offense for any persons found to own an uninsured car, even if said vehicle is just sitting on their driveway not being used.

Read more about car insurance here.



Home insurance

Home insurance can help to cover your and your family against any unwanted breakages, theft and damage to your home, making it a very good thing to take your time on when taking out a policy

Read more about home insurance here.


Pet insurance

Here at Which4U, we know just how important your pets are to you and their well-being is always one of your top priorities.

We also know that the best way to protect your furry friend against illness or injury is to take out a pet insurance policy that will cover them, no matter what they get up to.

Read more about pet insurance here.


Bike insurance

Just like other forms of insurance cover, bike insurance can be fairly complicated, and when deciding on a policy you need to know exactly what it does and does not cover you from.

It is also worth keeping in mind that insurers do treat some people differently. For example if you’re a young rider, a scooter owner, a female motorcyclist, or have previous claims or motoring convictions, then you may find that the prices you are quotes are higher than for other riders.

Read more about bike insurance here.


Van insurance

Van Insurance is the term commonly used to describe Commerical Vehicle Insurance for smaller goods carrying vehicles, usually up to 3.5 tonnes.

Although it is rather similar to conventional car insurance policies, Van Insurance offers better protection for you including tools cover and more named drivers on a single policy.

This is useful if you use a van for your business and will have multiple drivers per vehicle. Some policies will also include cover in Europe when being used as part of a company.

Read more about van insurance here.


Breakdown cover

Becoming stranded at the roadside is a horrible experience, especially if you aren't covered for a breakdown.

To make this unfortunate situation a little easier to handle, you can take out breakdown cover to ensure that you are recovered as quickly as possible and you can get on your way again.

Read more about breakdown cover here.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is split up into 3 different forms of cover: Single, Annual and Winter Sports. Whilst most of the benefits that these policies give are the same, there are added benefits and requirements to consider before taking out a policy.


Single Trip: This cover is especially designed for people who only intend to go away once in the year. This could be just for a weekend or it could be a year long trip, with cover ranging from 2 weeks, all the way up to a whole year you will find a policy that is right for the trip you want to take.


Annual Trip: This type of travel insurance is specifically designed if you are a frequent traveler, allowing you to take more than one trip per year under the same policy.


Winter Sports: Winter Sports Insurance is the same as single or annual travel, but with added extras. For example, you get additional cover for both hired and your own personal equipment as well as cover if the piste is closed due to bad weather.


Read more about travel insurance here.


Life Insurance

Life insurance can help the ones you care about most, to manage financially once you have gone. But how do you know which is the right life insurance quote for you?

That is where Which4U can help. With each of the insurers that we display, you can be assured that they will give you the best service that they can offer to make dealing with this often sensitive subject easier.

Read more about life insurance here.


Business Insurance

Business Insurance, also known as 'commercial insurance' is designed to serve business needs rather than individual needs.

It covers varying sectors found within a business, including Public Liability insurance and Employers' liability insurance. These are just examples of the range of products that fall under Business Insurance, and each can be tailored to your companies needs.

Read more about business insurance here.