Garages save motorists millions in insurance

Date of Publication: Tuesday, 25 October 2005 12:01
UK motorists could save millions of pounds in car insurance by parking in their garage, according to new research.

By not parking in their garage drivers are losing out on almost £100 million a year in car insurance discounts, research from Saga Motor Insurance reveals.

Of the 56 per cent of motorists who have a garage, only 24 per cent say they regularly use them to park their car in, and instead leave their car in a more vulnerable place on the drive or street.

One in five people don't use their garage because it is too small for their car, with the average size of new models increasing. For example, the new VW Golf is 13 cm wider than the original Mark I model, and the latest Ford Fiesta has grown by over 8 cm since 1995.

In addition, two-thirds of respondents said they didn't use their garage because of all the accumulated junk.

However, the survey also revealed that people over 50 are more sensible about parking their car, with 70 per cent of that age group leaving their vehicle in their garage.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga commented: "People are leaving their cars out on the streets at the mercy of opportunist thieves, vandals and the British weather! By clearing out their garage to make room for their car they could make a significant saving on their motor insurance."

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Tuesday, 25 October 2005 12:01
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