Christmas is the time to reassess contents insurance

Christmas is the time to reassess contents insurance
Date of Publication: Thursday, 08 December 2011 11:45

Despite one in four UK shoppers planning to spend less on Christmas gifts this year, it remains important to safeguard your home and ensure that you have adequate insurance.


Research commissioned by Churchill Home Insurance reveals that Brits plan to spend an average of £379 on gifts this Christmas. 73% of those cutting back on spending report that they cannot afford the levels of expenditure seen in previous years.


The average shopper will buy for nine friends and family members. However, while many are cutting back, 18% of shoppers are set to splash out more than £500 on presents this year, making it all the more important that households protect themselves from opportunist thieves over the Christmas period.


Thanks to the prevalent impact of electronic goods, the average gift value is now higher. Many households will find that the value of their possessions has increased, notes Churchill spokesperson Matt Owen.


"The New Year is a good time for householders to re-assess the value of the contents within their home to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for unforeseen events such as burglary and fire, and even from accidental damage."


Consumers are warned to avoid storing presents in vulnerable locations, such as garden sheds. Over 20% of people put their presents on full display under the Christmas tree. Householders can take measures to minimise the risk of theft, Mr. Owen added:


"Thieves often take advantage of darkness in the later afternoon to break into properties before householders return home. Make sure you store Christmas presents in a secure place until the big day, and safeguard your home against burglars by shutting the curtains if you're out for the evening and setting lights to come on a timer if you don't get home until late."


If you plan to reassess your contents insurance over the festive period, why not check out Which4U’s competitive insurance listings?


Bret Clement

Thursday, 08 December 2011 11:45
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