Liverpool Victoria Financial Products

Compare a range of financial products and services available from Liverpool Victoria. Read our section reviews, find a product that's right for you and apply online.

Liverpool Victoria is the UK's largest friendly society with around 1 million members. It provides a wide variety of reliable and competitive financial products and services.

Liverpool Victoria dates back to 1843 as a provider of funeral services aimed at those on low incomes. It's aim was to help customers to gain financial security and peace of mind, similar to the values practised today.

As a mutual organisation, each member is given a vote, and to an extent gives them the power to  influence how the company operates.  Liverpool Victoria is therefore not answerable to external shareholders, allowing it to focus on constantly improving the products and services offered as exist solely for the benefit of our members and customers and not for making the most profit for its shareholders.

Liverpool Victoria offers a range of financial products which include savings and investments and insurance products.

Liverpool Victoria offers a great selection of Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) designed to help all types of savers benefit from tax free interest on savings that can be built up over time.

Liverpool Victoria ISA's offer competitive interest rates allowing you to take full advantage of your tax free allowance. Whether you're looking to lock your savings away to be eligible for higher rates, or you require an account with instant access without any fees, Liverpool Victoria ISA's have an account to suit your individual needs.

As with all ISA's, customers are limited to the amount in which they can deposit on a yearly basis to £5,640. This limit runs with the tax year, so you have until April to deposit £5,640 (if you haven't already done so), after which the limit will reset allowing you to invest a further £5,640 until the next tax year and so on.