Lloyds Bank Financial Products

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Lloyds Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Britain, with operations across the world providing an extensive range of financial products and services. Its head office is located in London. 

Lloyds Bank has a long history dating back to 1765, after John Taylor and Sampson Lloyd started a a private banking business. Later, Two sons of these partners continued along a similar route by establishing a bank – Barnetts Hoares Hanbury and Lloyd. These eventually became incorporated into the Lloyds Banking Company.

Lloyds Bank has grown through the course of its life through a series of mergers - by 1923, it had taken over around fifty businesses. By the 1990s, Lloyds Bank had operations in 30 countries.

In August 1995, Cheltenham & Gloucester joined the Lloyds Bank Group and during the same year, Lloyds Bank Group merged with TSB Group to form Lloyds TSB Group plc. From September 2013 Lloyds split from TSB again to form Lloyds Bank and a new bank called TSB.

Today, the Lloyds Bank offers a range of personal and business banking products, including Lloyds bank accounts - both current and saving, loans, credit cards and mortgages.

Lloyds Bank Credit Cards offer a range of features designed to make your life easier. Whether you're looking for a credit card with long introductory periods on balance transfers and purchases, allowing you to spread your payments over a longer period of time without being charged the earth, or you want a credit card that focusses on keeping purchase rates down, Lloyds Bank Credit Cards have a credit solution to match.

All Lloyds Bank Credit Cards come with the following:

  • an additional card that can be used by a partner or family member
  • easy access to your account via the internet, phone, or in branch
  • Free cover against fraud including online protection
  • Chip and PIN
  • The ability to choose your 4 digit PIN at any Lloyds Bank Cashpoint
  • Payment protection cover available to protect you against repayments
  • Accepted worldwide

Lloyds Bank Business Credit Cards offer an effective solution for managing your petite-cash, while being in control of credit limits, and providing you with detailed statements so you can monitor exactly what is being spent on each individual card.

Lloyds business credit cards provide businesses with a simple, flexible cash-flow management solution, helping you to stay in control of your business and keep bank charges to a minimum.

Lloyds Bank offers a range of current accounts to suit all its customers needs. If you want an account that pays high rates of interest like a savings account, but gives you all the flexibility of a current account, Lloyds Bank has a solution, with a Lloyds current account you can earn tiered variable rates that provide great returns on specified balances, for example accounts holding between £5,000 and £7,000.

Most Lloyds bank accounts come with a Visa debit card giving you access to your funds in over 500,000 locations in the UK and 18 million worldwide. Lloyds also provides 24/7 access to PhoneBank, allowing you to speak to UK based advisors or use the quick automated service, providing the means to carry out a number of tasks, from checking recent transactions to changing your PIN.

You can also register for the Lloyds online banking service, allowing you to manage your account anywhere in the world at a time that suits you.

Lloyds Bank bank accounts also provide a wide variety of features and benefits across its range, which includes commission-free foreign currency and non-sterling American Express Travellers Cheques, Home Emergency Cover, Identity Theft Protection, airport lounge access and airport Meet and Greet service, Worldwide Travel Insurance and much more.

Lloyds Bank offers a comprehensive range of savings accounts designed to suit all kinds of savers, so whether you're looking for a regular high interest savings account that gives you flexibility through unlimited deposits or withdrawals, or you would rather get better returns through being rewarded for leaving your funds untouched, Lloyds Bank savings account provide a solution to match.

Lloyds savings accounts offer very competitive interest rates, helping your money to work for you. Choose an account that best suits your individual needs to make saving easy. You can open a Lloyds Bank savings account with as little as £1, so don't put it off, start saving today!

Lloyds Bank ISAs offer a great place to take advantage of your tax free savings allowance while earning high returns from some great rates of interest.

Lloyds ISAs  are easy to open, and you won’t pay any tax on the interest you earn. You can save up to a set limit a year, running in line with the tax year (6 April to 5 April the following year ) and you can get started with as little as £10.

Make regular deposits into your ISA from your bank account, or deposit a lump sum and make the most of the attractive rates paid on accounts.

If you have an existing ISA and would like to switch providers, consider Lloyds ISAs, all you need to do is fill out the ISA transfer form supplied by Lloyds.

Lloyds ISAs offer tiered rates based on your balance, so you can earn higher rates on higher balances. You will not be charged for withdrawing from your account and do not have to give any notice to do so.

Manage your Lloyds ISA online using the Lloyds internet banking service, allowing you to perform a range of banking tasks from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you. Alternatively you can use the telephone banking service or pop into your local branch.

Lloyds TSB Fixed Rate Bonds offer a safe and secure place for you to make the most of your money through getting the highest available returns.

If you don't like taking risks with your money, but can afford to lock it away for a period of time, consider a Lloyds fixed rate bond. You can lock your funds away for terms ranging between 6 months and 3 years and you will get a guaranteed return on your investment that you can have paid monthly or once a year.

One of the great things about Lloyds fixed rate bonds is that you will be able to calculate exactly how much you will get back for your investment, based on the rate and term you fix.

Lloyds Bank offer a range of business current accounts to help you choose the right account to best manage your business finances. Whether you're thinking of switching accounts, or require an account for setting up a new business, Lloyds Bank can provide a suitable business account for you.

Each account provides a range of benefits to suit your business needs. These features include introductory periods that allow free deposits/withdrawals – both cash and cheque and free standing orders/direct debits.

Alternatively you may wish to opt for an account designed to handle switching an account from another provider, by re-directing all standing orders and direct-debits, transferring old balances to your Lloyds Bank account, and closing your old account.

Lloyds Bank business savings accounts provide businesses with saving solutions for surplus funds or lump sum investments, allowing your business funds to grow.

Whether you are looking for an instant access savings account offering an effective way to manage your clients' money, or you want to invest a lump sum, Lloyds business savings accounts have a suitable account from its range to meet your business needs.

If you want to take advantage of higher interest rates paid on your balance you may wish to opt for a notice account, which requires a specified amount of notice before a withdrawal can take place.

You may want to consider a tiered interest account that pays a rate that is based on your balance, with higher rates paid on larger balances.

Lloyds business savings accounts also provide fixed rate bonds, allowing you to invest a minimum of £50,000 with no maximum amount for a term between one night, to one year. No withdrawals can be made during the term, so it is important that  you choose a term that suits your needs.

Lloyds mortgages offer a number of effective home credit solutions to help you to buy the perfect home.

Mortgages sold under the C&G and Lloyds TSB brands are a partnership between Cheltenham & Gloucester plc and Lloyds TSB Bank plc - known as C&G mortgages, with Cheltenham & Gloucester plc providing the mortgage expertise while Lloyds TSB Bank plc fronts the deals as the lender.

Lloyds TSB mortgages offer some great fixed-rate deals and tracker the best products to help you buy your new home.

If you're looking to remortgage your home take a look at what Lloyd mortgages can offer you.
Lloyds car insurance offer a range of quality insurance policies to help keep you covered when you're on the road.

With 10% discount for all new Lloyds TSB car insurance customers, you can get even better value for money, plus you can continue to benefit from this discount for every year you renew your policy.

Lloyds TSB car insurance also offers a number of attractive features to make them stand out from the rest, such as Marks and Spencer vouchers and a range of optional extras to choose from.

Lloyds Car Insurance offer the following features:

Courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired by an approved repairer, (not available for 3rd party only policies),
Up to 65% no claims bonus (up to 70% if you’re over 50)
24 hour accident helpline,
A brand new car if yours is less than one year old and written off in an accident  (comprehensive cover only, where you are the first and only registered owner).

Lloyds TSB Car Insurance is arranged and underwritten by Churchill Insurance Company Limited.