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MBNA is a US company with a fantastic reputation as the worlds largest independent issuer of credit cards. MBNA was founded in 1982 under the name Maryland Bank, a subsidiary of Maryland National Bank. The name MBNA stands for Maryland Bank National Association. The Maryland Bank was renamed MBNA America Bank in 1989, and 2 years later MBNA Corp became an independent company.
Their arrival in the UK signalled the start of the massive competition in the UK credit card market and brought about the low interest rate credit cards we have today.

MBNAs 7 million UK customers make them the UK's largest credit card provider. They are also one of the leading credit card providers in the world and have a strong presence online, offering market leading deals for both personal and business customers through some of the most well  known banks.

MBNA credit cards are designed to suit all consumers, so whatever you require MBNA will have a card to fit.
MBNA specialises in credit cards, so they offer a broad range of cards to suit all needs. Whether you're looking to transfer a balance across with a low rate, accumulate reward points, or benefit from the perks of a platinum credit card, MBNA have some great cards that are worth considering.

MBNA credit cards offer a wide range of features, such as:
  • 0% interest introductory periods on balance transfers and purchases
  • Loyalty rewards schemes
  • No annual fee
  • Protection from Internet Fraud
MBNA business credit cards offer a number of cards that can be used to suit all your business card needs. With a range features spread across the cards available, you can choose the best to match your requirements.

Whether you're looking for great balance transfer rates, rewards such as airmiles or cashback, or competitive APR rates, consider an MBNA credit card.