Leeds Building Society launches new home loan

A lender has created a new mortgage deal.
Leeds Building Society launches new home loan
People searching for a competitive tracker mortgage product may instead wish to explore the possibility of taking out a new fixed rate home loan created by one financier.

Leeds Building Society yesterday (August 1st) announced the launch of a fresh five-year mortgage fixed at a figure of 4.89 per cent and a loan-to-value rate as high as 85 per cent.

Due to factors such as high inflation and the rising cost of essential outgoings like food and fuel, Kim Rebecchi, sales and marketing director at the company, suggested that many people might be tempted to fix their repayment programme as a way of "controlling their mortgage".

Ms Rebecchi went on to insist that this deal offers customers "great security", "certainty" and a "very affordable rate", while she added that is also affordable.

This comes shortly after the financier announced the release of a new two-year buy-to-let home loan designed for prospective landlords eager to start their portfolio.

By Emma North