With a Nationwide ISA, you can make the most of your tax free savings and earn some great returns on your investment. Nationwide offers attractive rates for interest, and you can switch from your current ISA provider with Nationwide to maximise your returns.

It’s easy to open a Nationwide ISA, and you won’t pay any tax on the interest you earn. Save up to £5,640 each tax year. Nationwide offer different types of cash ISA's, so you can choose the most suitable account for you based on your needs. Whether you want to open a Fixed rate ISA that pays higher interest rates for leaving you funds untouched, or you would rather have an instant access ISA that allows you to make withdrawals without a fee and pays competitive rates making your money grow.

Nationwide ISA's work just like a normal savings account but with one difference, all interest earned on your balance is paid tax-free.

Interest on Nationwide ISA's is paid annually on 31 March and can be withdrawn, paid into your ISA, your current account or another Nationwide savings account. Managing your account is easy, with the Internet Banking and Phone Banking services or in branch.