Nationwide Savings Accounts Review

Compare Nationwide Savings Accounts – read our review and compare the features and benefits available from Nationwide. Make an informed decision to find a Savings Account that suits you.

Nationwide offer award winning savings accounts with their e-Saver account recognised by Moneyfacts as one of the most consistently high-paying internet savings accounts between 2005 and 2008.

There are several Nationwide savings accounts to choose from, with either instant access to your deposits with Internet savings providing constant access to your account, or long term investment to see your money grow fast, keep your money safe with Nationwide savings accounts.

Top 5 Savings Accounts products

Interest Paid
Min Bal
Fixed term for 1 year
On Maturity

Scottish Widows Direct Transfer Account

Scottish Widows
  • Minimum balance £1000
  • Deposits can be made by internet banking, telephone or post
  • No notice period or penalties for withdrawals
  • YOUR SAVINGS ARE PROTECTED UP TO £75,000 PER PERSON BY THE FSCS - Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Bank of Cyprus UK 1 Year Bond

Bank of Cyprus UK
  • Interest is paid annually
  • Early withdrawals not permitted
  • Available to individuals (single and joint applicants)
  • Conditions are available here
  • Available in Sterling only.