Northern Rock Financial Products

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Northern Rock Building Society was formed in 1965 after the merger of Northern Counties Permanent Building Society and Rock Building Society. The next 30 years saw Northern Rock acquire 53 smaller building societies.

On 22 February 2008 Northern Rock was Nationalised following problems caused by the US subprime mortgage financial crisis. As a result the bank is now in a very strong position, as it is highly unlikely that the government would ever go bust. This means that all deposits with Northern Rock are protected with no limits, so this is a great place to store your money if you wish to invest large amounts of cash, or would rather keep more than £85,000 (the maximum covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme) in one account.

Northern Rock provides a long list of financial products, which are based around Northern Rock mortgages, savings accounts and loans. All of its products can be found in branch, online, or in store.
Northern Rock offer some great savings accounts, helping all types of savers to achieve their goals. As the Government has pledged to back all deposits invested with the bank, it makes it a very attractive place to keep your money, providing you with the peace of mind that 100% of your money is safe.

Northern Rock savings accounts offer competitive interest rates, that generally stay significantly above the Bank of England base rate. This allows you earn good returns from your savings so you can watch your money grow.

Northern Rock offers a wide range of cash ISA's, allowing you to take advantage of your tax free savings allowance through an account that suits for savings needs.

With Northern Rock ISA's you can make the most from your savings by earning tax-free interest on deposits of up to £5,640 per tax year (6 April - 5 April).

Northern Rock ISA's cover a whole range of features, allowing you to choose the most suitable account for you. Whether you're looking to fix a term and a rate so that the interest rate paid on your balance stays the same for a specified period of time (Terms may vary); you require an instant access ISA offering access to your funds without any notice, paying great rates to help your savings to grow.

You can also transfer an existing Cash ISA held with another provider across to your new Northern Rock Cash ISA, allowing you to benefit from high rates paid on a larger balance.

Northern Rock fixed rate bonds offer a great place to make your savings go further, whilst protecting yourself from a fall in interest rates by securing your interest rate for a fixed term. Fixed rate bonds also provide a great incentive to leave your funds untouched, enabling your savings to grow.

With a Northern Rock fixed rate bond you can start saving from as little as £1. Fixing the rate protects you from fluctuating interest rates and provides guaranteed predictable returns. You decide whether your interest is paid monthly or annually, although monthly payments can cause the interest rate to be slightly lower.

Northern Rock Fixed Rate Bonds give savers flexibility with free withdrawals when the term expires. If you require access to your funds within the fixed term you will be charged, so to maximise your returns it is better to leave a fixed rate bond to grow.