Northern Rock Fixed Rate Bonds Review

Compare Northern Rock Fixed Rate Bonds – read our review and get a detailed breakdown of the terms and rates Northern Rock offer. Make an informed decision and find a Fixed Rate Bond to suit your savings needs.

Northern Rock fixed rate bonds offer a great place to make your savings go further, whilst protecting yourself from a fall in interest rates by securing your interest rate for a fixed term. Fixed rate bonds also provide a great incentive to leave your funds untouched, enabling your savings to grow.

With a Northern Rock fixed rate bond you can start saving from as little as £1. Fixing the rate protects you from fluctuating interest rates and provides guaranteed predictable returns. You decide whether your interest is paid monthly or annually, although monthly payments can cause the interest rate to be slightly lower.

Northern Rock Fixed Rate Bonds give savers flexibility with free withdrawals when the term expires. If you require access to your funds within the fixed term you will be charged, so to maximise your returns it is better to leave a fixed rate bond to grow.

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