Policy Expert Home insurance

Compare Policy Expert home insurance and choose the one which is right for you, or customise your own policy with expert support.

Policy Expert was created when a group of insurance specialist decided they wanted to change the way people bought and thought about insurance, to achieve this they formed Policy Expert.

They offer both contents and buildings insurance and are the only home insurance providers to offer 2 years fixed price premium.

Policy Expert are committed to providing the best customer service and with great online reviews reflecting this, you know you will get great support when choosing Policy Expert.

Policy Expert home insurance knows your home is likely to be the most valuable asset, so they only offer a range of the best insurers to keep you and your home happy. With Policy Expert you can receive a online quote within 3 minutes, you also receive support online or by phone right from your quote through to claiming and everything else you need support with in-between. Policy Expert are also the only home insurance provider to offer a 2 years fixed price premium.


Why choose Policy Expert for your home insurance?

  • 2 year fixed price premium
  • telephone support online or by phone at every step
  • flexibility to design your own insurance package
  • No adjustment fees or third parties