Post Office ISA's provide a great place for you to get a simple tax-efficient account to build up your savings faster. An ISA should always be the first place to consider, as unlike regular savings accounts, Individual Savings Accounts allow you to earn tax-free interest, and you can add up to £5,640 into your account every year between April 6th and April 5th.

Opening a Post Office ISA is easy and you can get started with as little as £1. You must be 16 or over and a UK resident to qualify for a UK ISA. You can access your money whenever you need it. However, if you withdraw from your funds after you have used up your yearly allowance you can’t pay in any more, so it is recommended that you open an ISA and leave your funds to grow.

You can pay money into your ISA at an Post Office branch or by post. If you need to make a withdrawal your can do so by writing to the Post Office. You will either be issued a cheque by post or have it paid into an account. You cannot withdraw money at a Post Office branch.