Prudential Financial Products

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Prudential was first established in 1848 in London, when it was known as the Prudential Mutual Assurance and Loan Association. Today it is a retail financial services company operating in Asia, the US and the UK. Prudential employs over 28,000 people to manage over 21 million customers worldwide and are listed on the London and New York stock exchanges.

Prudential was the founder of the Egg internet bank, which it sold to Citigroup in 2007. Across the Group it has £256 billion of funds under management (figures taken in 30 June 2008).

Prudential offers a range of pensions and savings schemes. They are most well-known for the sale of with-profit bonds and pensions, corporate pension schemes, bulk annuities and individual annuities. The company left the insurance market in 2002, licensing Churchill Insurance to use the Prudential name.
Prudential offer a range of savings accounts together with a wealth of experience to help you to make the right choices and achieve your financial goals. Whether you're saving towards a better future, setting up a fund for your children, or simply saving for a new car, Prudential savings accounts can help you make it happen.

Prudential is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and cover individuals deposits for up to £85,000 (£170,000 for a joint account) through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Prudential offers investment ISA's only, so you cannot open a cash ISA with them. An investment ISA works to the same tax free allowance limit, but carries more risk. As these ISA's are seen as more risky, they can potentially pay more attractive rewards, but do not provide a guaranteed income.

Prudential ISA's offer a choice of features, offering lower risk investments to more cautious savers, and higher risks to those that are willing to take a gamble in an attempt to increase profits. As with cash ISA's, savers are given a £5,640 investment limit per tax year, and all returns earned from your investment are tax free.

One of the great things about taking advantage of your tax-free investment ISA allowance is that you can still use your yearly cash ISA allowance, so effectively you are able to save £11,280 every year without having to give the tax man a penny of your returns.