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The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (not to be confused with the Bank of Scotland) was established in 1727 and has since become one of the largest financial services groups in the world, operating around the globe to provide banking services for individuals, businesses and institutions.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc has several subsidiaries, its main ones being The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, NatWest and Ulster Bank. These banks provide branch banking facilities for customers in the United Kingdom. Royal Bank of Scotland has around 700 branches across the UK.

The Royal Bank of Scotland offer a wide range of Personal, Private, business and corporate banking through a variety of products which include Royal Bank of Scotland bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts, investments and insurance.

The Royal Bank of Scotland credit cards offer a range of features to suit all types of people, so whatever you’re looking for from a credit card,  the Royal Bank of Scotland has a solution that is right for you.

As well as offering cards that feature all the benefits you would expect from the average credit cards, Royal Bank of Scotland have set up various reward schemes enabling you to choose a card that suits your needs and allows you to get the best out of your financial situation.

Royal Bank of Scotland credit cards use the latest in Chip and PIN technology to help prevent credit card fraud. By monitoring credit card transactions and usage patterns, Royal Bank of Scotland can flag any suspicious activity and notify you to make sure it is not fraudulent activity.  

You can also sign up for the free fraud text alerts which will notify you of any fraud warnings via text to your mobile phone.


Royal Bank of Scotland Business Credit Cards are designed for sole traders and you don't need to be an existing Royal Bank of Scotland customer to benefit from the freedom, flexibility and spendin power of the Royal Bank of Scotland Credit card range.

An Royal Bank of Scotland Business Credit Card solution will allow you to simplify your business expenditure, allowing you to put any business costs and petite cash onto the credit card(s), and pay off the full amount in one monthly payment.

With Royal Bank of Scotland Business Credit Cards you can improve you cash flow, with up to 45 interest free days, giving you a longer period of time to spread out your costs.

You can also opt for a premium credit card offering a whole list of additional features and benefits, including the green Flag Rescue Plan offering breakdown assistance and home rescue service all day every day, worldwide Business Travel Insurance, free Virus protection software and discounted UK airport parking and lounge access.

Royal Bank of Scotland works to an interesting guideline - everyone has different needs, so by recognising these needs and incorporating required features into accounts across its range, Royal Bank of Scotland current accounts cater for every type of day-to-day spender.

This makes Royal Bank of Scotland bank accounts great for everyone, so whether you're a young person, student or graduate, or you require a standard current account offering a list of straightforward features and benefits such as free everyday banking with top-class service, access to your funds and the ability to manage your account in branch, online and over the phone, plus at almost every cash machine in the UK, Royal Bank of Scotland bank accounts has something to match.

If you want to opt for a royalty account offering additional great benefits like mobile phone insurance, worldwide travel insurance, discounts off hotels and holidays, car breakdown cover, home insurance, extended warranties on purchases and much more, check out the Royal Bank of Scotland current account range.

Royal Bank of Scotland offers a comprehensive range of savings accounts, covering all areas to make sure a suitable account is available for every type of saver.

With Royal Bank of Scotland Savings Accounts, you can select an account to match your needs, so whether you would like an account exclusively manageable by telephone, or in the same way you want an account that you can access online 24 hours a fay, 7 days a week via the Royal Bank of Scotland online banking service, Royal Bank of Scotland savings accounts have a perfect solution for you.

Royal Bank of Scotland offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts, allowing you to get started on saving towards your goal from as little as £1. You can choose the right account for you based on your saving plan, for example you may wish to set up regular deposits into your Royal Bank of Scotland savings account, or you might just want a great account to invest your current savings as a lump sum, so you can sit back and watch your money grow.

Using a normal savings account to keep your money safe and earn on the interest paid is all well and good, but the tax man is entitled to a cut of the interest you earn.

However, this doesn't have to be the case, as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) provide you with a place to store your cash without having to pay any tax on the interest you earn on your cash or investments. This is because the government has agreed to give every individual the opportunity to save up to £11,280 every year in cash and investment ISA's, tax free.

If you're not already doing so, make the most of tax-free savings and investment ISA's with an Royal Bank of Scotland ISA, because you cannot carry allowances over to the following year, so if you don't use it you will lose it.

Royal Bank of Scotland offers a range of cash and investment ISA's, allowing you to make your savings grow faster. If you already have a cash ISA and wish to move it to a new Royal Bank of Scotland ISA, all you need to do is fill out a Cash ISA Transfer form and Royal Bank of Scotland will do the rest.

Royal Bank of Scotland bonds offer savers an efficient way to increase returns on their savings, while avoiding any high risks that come with stocks and shares.

With an Royal Bank of Scotland fixed rate bond, you can choose from a range of terms, from 12 months up, with deposits of up to £500,000. The rate paid on your account will be based on a number of factors, so if you are able to meet the requirements of the highest paying account you can sit back and watch your savings grow.

All Royal Bank of Scotland bonds are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme offering cover of up to £85,000.

Royal Bank of Scotland knows that every business needs a current account, but all businesses have different requirements. That's why Royal Bank of Scotland has made sure you have real choice – as well as some unexpected benefits, like savings personal mortgages and exclusive features.

Whether you're looking for an everyday current account with useful support from locally based staff, or you want to go for a great account that provides your business with a comprehensive range of features and benefits such as discounts on other Royal Bank of Scotland business financial services, plus several insurance based products, Royal Bank of Scotland business bank accounts have a great day-to-day solution for your business.

With Royal Bank of Scotland Current Account, managing your account is easy, and you can choose to do it in branch, or 24/7 using the online and telephone banking services provided by Royal Bank of Scotland.

Royal Bank of Scotland offers a range of business savings accounts designed to help you make the most of your surplus funds.

Whether you're saving towards a VAT bill or business assets, Royal Bank of Scotland Business Savings Accounts offer  instant access to funds and provide highly competitive interest rates, helping your money to grow.

You can choose between a number of great accounts to find a suitable solution to suit your business needs. There is no minimum amount to start your savings account off, with maximum balances of £2 million (subject to selected account).

You may wish to opt for a fixed rate bond account, allowing you to benefit from higher interest rates fixed for a specified period of time. Fixed rate bonds do not allow withdrawals to be made within the chosen term and you may lose interest for doing so.

You can borrow for almost any purpose. If you're planning to use the loan for more than one purpose, simply select the purpose that will take up more than 50% of the loan.

With loans available between £1,000 and £25,000 you can apply for as little or as much as you like from Royal Bank of Scotland' generous loans range.

With Royal Bank of Scotland Loans there are no set-up or monthly payment charges and you can get an instant decision online.

Royal Bank of Scotland mortgages offer home-buyers an effective solution for purchasing their perfect home, while benefiting from competitive interest rates through a range of great mortgage deals.