If you want to start building up some savings, an Individual Savings Account (ISA) is the first place to turn. With an Santander ISA you can make your saving grow faster than a regular savings account, as you don't have to part with any of your interest in income tax.

The main difference between an ISA and a normal savings account is that ISA's come with a tax incentive provided by the government to encourage people to save, allowing you to earn tax free interest on your balance. You are limited to depositing up to £5,640 in cash per tax year, but once the tax year ends you are not entitled to rolling any limits over to the following year.

Santander ISAs pay competitive rates of interest on investments, so you can sit back and watch your money grow. If you fail to use up your tax-free savings allowance within any one tax year you will lose it, so it is recommended that you try to invest each tax year, whether it be as a lump sum, or regular deposits throughout the year.

An Santander Cash ISA is a great way to save money, as it tends to offers a higher interest rate than standard savings accounts, and is not subject to tax. The Santander Cash ISA includes the following features:

  • Competitive tax free interest rates
  • Deposit up to £5,640 per tax year
  • No tax on interest
  • No income assessments on your ISA
  • No obligations to inform the HMRC of your ISA
  • Instant access to your money without losing tax relief
  • Transfer you ISA from other providers to Santander with ease

Don't pay unnecessay tax on your interest, open an Santander ISA today and make your money go further.