About Santander Mortgages

Santander mortgages offer home-buyers an effective solution for purchasing their perfect home, while benefiting from competitive interest rates through a range of great mortgage deals.

Santander provide award-winning mortgages - winning the 'Your Money Best Direct Lender Award' for the second year running and also the 'Your Mortgage Best Remortgage Lender Award' 2009/2010, designed to help get you moving.

When it comes to mortgages, everyone’s circumstances are different. With several options such as  lower repayments in the early years, the certainty of a fixed rate, or a greater level of flexibility, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

Despite the different mortgage products available on today's market, there are still just two basic ways to repay your mortgage - Repayment mortgage, which uses repayments to pay off all interest plus some of the capital,  and Interest only mortgage schemes, which require lower repayments but only covers the interest charges.

You must choose which of these options suits you, remembering that if you fail to pay off your mortgage within the agreed term you could risk having your home repossessed.

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