T-Mobile Broadband Products

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Mobile phone giant T-Mobile has expanded into the mobile broadband industry, offering internet access for customers using mobile phones,as well as when on the move, using their laptops via a T-Mobile USB modem at speeds of up to 3.6Mb.

With T-mobile Broadband you can browse as much as you like without being charged unexpectedly. Simply slot in your Mobile Broadband USB stick and start surfing in an instant. Choose how your payment scheme to fit in with you and get unlimited internet with Mobile Broadband from T-Mobile.
T-Mobile are now offering a new service allowing customers to gain access to the internet on their laptops at anytime using the mobile broadband packages now on offer. This means you can access wireless internet on your laptop at very fast speeds anywhere with 3G coverage, and has the benefit of no long contract term, so you don't have to tie yourself into a long contract period.