Compare a range of broadband & communication products and services available exclusively from Tariam. Read our section reviews, find a package that's right for you and apply online. is owned and operated by Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd.

Tariam Homenet provides a 3.6 Mb two-way, domestic, satellite broadband service for homes and businesses in areas in the UK that struggle to qualify for broadband, or where only minimal broadband speeds are available.

Tariam offers extremely competitive prices for solutions in the UK for home users with several unique components, for example, no-quibble 3 month contracts, online billing and support, and rapid deployment.

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Whether you're looking to setup an internet connection for work or play, you’re a fixed site user or always on the move, Tariam has solutions to keep you in touch for work or pleasure.

If you’re a home user looking for a fixed domestic system, you may want to read on here about our Homenet product (powered by TooWay).

If you’re a business user looking for a fixed connection, consider the Tariam iaccess package.

For Enterprise or Government users, check out the Tariam iconnect package.

For fast broadband on the move, take a look at BGAN.

“Tariam Satellite Communications is Europe’s premier provider of satellite broadband, satellite internet, mobile broadband and wireless internet. Its satellite services, satellite systems and satellite phones encompass the widest range of options currently available for wireless broadband, whether you’re looking to buy, hire or rent”.