UK Online Broadband Packages

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UK Online is a consumer Internet service provider operating in the UK,which was first established in 1994 providing internet access via dial-up, but was later purchased by Easynet in 1996. Easynet was then acquired by BSkyB in 2006, however UK Online continues to exist as a separate entity from Sky Broadband.

UK Online now offers a full range of home broadband packages, allowing you to choose a  connection speed and a price that suits you, from as little as 1Mb up to 22Mb connection.
UK Online offer a range of broadband packages, each running to a different selection of features to help all customers find a service that suits them.

Whether you're looking for a low speed connection with unlimited downloads and free connection/support, a professional Broadband for Home and Office giving you speeds of up to 8Mbps unlimited downloads and free connection/support or the premier service with 16Mb download and up to 1Mb upload, UK Online can get you connected.