The Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) is the third largest building society in the UK with assets amounting to over £20billion in. Its headquarters are located in Bradford, England.

The Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society was founded in Huddersfield in 1864. The Yorkshire Building Society name began being used in 1982, after the merger between the Huddersfield & Bradford Building Society and the West Yorkshire Building Society.

The Yorkshire currently provides a range of financial products both directly and through a 131-strong branch network and associated agencies across the UK. These products include YBS mortgages, savings accounts, investments, insurance, conveyancing, sharedealing, shareplans, loans and credit cards. It is a member of the Building Societies Association.

Yorkshire Building Society offers a wide range of Cash ISA's (Individual Savings Accounts), each specifically designed to meet a different set of financial needs.

Whether you're looking to transfer an ISA held with another provider to benefit from bonus cashback and great rates of interest; you require an instant access ISA that provides the flexibility to withdraw all or some of your cash out without notice; or you can afford to fix a rate and a term which would not allow withdrawals to be made but would fix the rate for the specified period allowing you to earn a guaranteed amount when the ISA matures.

You can save up to £5,640 into a cash ISA tax-efficiently every tax year, running from April 6th to April 5th. There are 2 types of ISA to consider; Cash ISAs and investment ISAs. Each provides the opportunity to save up to £5,640 (£11,280 in total). You can only ever save £11,280 between cash and investment ISA's, but this is where it gets complicated. The maximum amount you can save in a cash ISA is £5,640, however, you can eat into your cash ISA allowance with your investment ISA. This means that you can save up to £11,280 in an investment ISA, or mix the two i.e. £5,640 in an investment ISA and £5,640 in a cash ISA.

The Yorkshire Building Society offer an impressive range of fixed rate bonds, designed to suit all types of long-term savers. With Yorkshire Building Society fixed rate bonds you can choose a term that is right for you, allowing you to make the most of your circumstances and watch your money grow.

Fixed rate bonds are a great way to give you guaranteed predictable returns on your investment, no matter what happens to the bank rates. You can invest anything from £100 to £1 million depending on the account you choose.

You can decide whether to have your interest paid annually or monthly, and in case of an emergency you are permitted to close the account before the end of the term to gain access to your cash. However, this will result in loss of interest, so think carefully about the period of time you can afford to lock your money away for.  

Early withdrawals are not permitted with any Yorkshire Building Society fixed rate bonds.
Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages offer specially tailored products that are ideal either for first time buyers, those looking to move house or home-owners wishing to change mortgage provider.

YBS Mortgages also offer Offset accounts for those that are happy to combine their mortgage and savings.

If you're a first time buyer; moving home; re-mortgaging from another lender; or an existing YBS borrower, a Yorkshire Building Society mortgage could be a great option for you.